Holy Knight, This Is Different From What You Requested

Original Work Overview

Writer: Shaper
Genre: BL


Mercenary Vitima, after he was betrayed by colleagues like his family, he couldn’t trust anyone.
One day, he is caught in weakness by the holy knight Leo and is taken to a land of death full of Mamul which are mysterious animals.

“Is there anyone you’re dating?”

Leo, who always speaks politely with an angel-like smiley face.
He was a “monster” of the holy Knights with strong sacred power and infinite power.
Having been persistently courting him since the first meeting, he reveals his true nature in the wake of the incident in which Vitima was raped by Mamul.

“If you want it that much, I’ll give it to you. Hug me until you get tired of it. However, that’s all for our relationship. If you get tired of me, our relationship is over.”
“Okay, if you say so, let’s see which one is right.”

Vitima, who had been increasingly tamed by a coercive relationship that continued no matter how much he refused, ran away from Leo after belatedly learning of the “some fact” about Leo.

Romance without backwardness between a knight who are willing to die for love and a former mercenary who did not believe in love.

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