It Became Male Character’s Only Memory

It Became Magician’s Tree

Pet Alpha

Lock Me Up, Male Lead

The Sea Bird And The Wolf

Settling Sungju

To Beloved Dajung

Enemies Have Started To Regret

Insane S-grade Aesper Is Trying To Win My Love

Over The Door

Buddy Buddy

Good Connect

Holy Knight, This Is Different From What You Requested

Please Tell Me Lies

“He Didn’t Do Anything”

My Puppy

The Secret Garden

Play by the Books, Commoner

Until Both Hands Meet

My Best Friend’s Stepmom-to-Be Is an Angel

Hanseong Goblin (Yokai) Shop: Goblin (Yokai) Sketchbook

The Man Who Dies to Live

The Flower that Blooms After Tu B’Av

Eternal Triangle

Peach-Flavored Juice

The Beloved No. 1 Clan Master