Insane S-grade Aesper Is Trying To Win My Love

Original Work Overview

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Arabeshi


“Just die quietly right now. It’s easier for you and me both.”

Because of the fact that she is a B-grade guide, an A-grade guide has taken her A-grade aesper lover and she was killed by her lover whom she even thought of marrying. Kang Seon-ah has died shuddering with betrayal more painful than death.

When she opened her eyes, she realized that she has returned to the day when the war of the monsters has started.

She thought that all of this was just a dream, but reality kept happening just like the dream. She acted just the same as when she was in the dream, but the one she trusted as her lover betrayed her once again.

With filled emptiness, she sat alone on a road and looked at a map to shelter, complaining to herself.

She then meets the person famous for being a S-grade aesper in her dream. He proposes that she become his guide….

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