Lock Me Up, Male Lead

Original Work Overview

Genre: Romance Fantasy
Author: Seon Ha Min


She wants to be rich and unemployed. Her hobby is lying still in bed. Jana’s dream is to stay in her house forever.
Her aim is to be full-bellied, warm and locked up! She doesn’t need a happy ending. She goes to the Grand Duke’s manor for her perfect bad ending.

-So she tries to get locked up by making the male lead somewhat like her…

<Nothing’s wrong with your eyes! They’re as beautiful as glass marbles.>
<What’s wrong with your eyes? They’re so pretty……>
<Don’t mind what other people think. You have me now.>

She hates all of the choices above, so she ignores them and says,

“Whose son of a xxxxx said that?”

She just says what she wants to say and things start to get tangled. Without her realization, she has become a monster trainer. Not a wizard, not an elementalist, but a monster trainer.

‘What’s THAT?’

“Can’t you love me instead of my brother?”

You know, I’m already married.

“I can’t live without you, Jana. If you don’t love me, I will try harder for you to love me again. So Jana, please forgive me just this once.”

Why have you become this sad pure lover instead of an obsessive guy?


Yeah, okay, you’re fine.


Why are you all like this? I told you I’m not interested in power or world peace! Just lock me up, male lead!