My Best Friend’s Stepmom-to-Be Is an Angel

Original Work Overview

Author(s): Bakkoon
Title: My Best Friend’s Stepmom-to-Be Is an Angel
Genre: Romance/Fantasy


As the youngest child of Marquis Harp, Dianne is loved by her family.
There seems to be no trouble in her life, but one day, she runs into a gang in an alley.

“I will not repeat myself. Make way. You already know that the sin of threatening a noble will cost you your life!”

I should have brought a sword with me!
But this realization comes too late, and nothing can be done.
Just as she’s trying to think of a way to escape…


The huge man blocking her way crumples with his eyes rolled back. Behind him is an angel who is holding a book that’s as thick as a log.

An angel-like savior appears. She falls in love at first sight.
The strong nature, the tender kindness, and the marvelous beauty- They were more than Dianne could ask for. There was an angel like no other.

But what? She’s about to get married! And to whom? The father of her best friend! To make things worse, it’s a marriage of convenience!

So, Dianne plans to ruin her angel’s marriage.
How? By marrying her friend, Reschueppi.

“Well, at least I’ll get to ruin my angel’s marriage, right?”

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