Over The Door

Original Work Overview

Genre: BL
Author: Haerongssi


The association’s C-grade aesper Kim Daemun has a special type of talent, but is not appreciated properly due to his rank.
The association takes advantage of Kim Daemun like a slave and does not provide him with a proper guide.

While living by wasting away his life energy alone, he is dispatched by a request of a high-ranked aesper Kang Haneul and his guide Lee Gun.
A sudden incident causes everyone to be at risk of death, and while Kim Daemun manages to help Kang Haneul and Lee Gun escape, he himself is exposed to death.

But Daemun throws himself over by opening the third door with difficulty, and he has surprisingly returned to 19 years ago.
Kim Daemun makes new choices to escape from his gloomy future. To return the favor to his only savior Lee Ji-eon and Lee Gun. To live as a dignified human being unlike the past.

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