The Beloved No. 1 Clan Master

Original Work Overview

Author(s): Dampi
Title: The Beloved No. 1 Clan Master
Genre: Romance/Fantasy


Na Hee Lee, an 18-year-old high school girl, is an abusive gamer who loves to pick fights with other users and go on PK battles.
But in the real world, she’s living the life of a teacher’s pet, and gets good grades while showing good manners in front of her friends and family.
Having to hide her violence in the real world, Na Hee lets out her stress in the game Gum Hon Bee, where she is known to all as the game’s top-ranking user.
But one day, she gets into an accident and wakes up inside the virtual world of Gum Hon Bee.
The body she takes is that of ‘Yeom Hee Hong’, a master of a no-name clan out in the countryside.
Yeom Hee Hong was neither strong nor weak; she had the potential to become a powerful spirit, but people with an evil scheme made her weak and locked her up.
Na Hee just can’t take it; she has to get out of the dying body of Hong Yeom Hee as well as the wretched world of the game. She is now desperate to return home. With her experience as the game’s No. 1 user ‘BloodthirstyWitch’, she executes her plan to get back to the real world.
During her struggles, she runs into unbelievably charming men (powerful spirits, influential noblemen, warriors, tsundere heirs, and others) and all sorts of people who help her out. Finally, she faces the dark secret behind the world inside Gum Hon Bee.
Will Na Hee be able to solve the mysteries of Gum Hon Bee inside the body of Yeom Hee Hong and safely return home?

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