The Man Who Dies to Live

Original Work Overview

Author(s): Atomic
Title: The Man Who Dies to Live
Genre: Boundary literature


“I don’t care if I die.”
A man’s escape from a hotel, dying until he wins.
Ki Ho Kim washes dishes for his part-time job at a hotel. Being a timid man, he can’t even complaina bout how he’s being treated unfairly.
But after losing his colleagues to the gunshots of terrorists, and after his own death, he slowly learns to bring out the power inside him.
He leads the survivors and successfully completes some of the quests.
However, the closer Ki Ho gets to being a hero, the more the terrorists fight back.
Now, those with power that goes beyond that of mere humans push him to fall into repeated deaths.
What could be the true motives of these villains?
Will Ki Ho be able to fight them off and escape the hotel?

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