My Puppy

Original Work Overview

Writer: LeyLyn
Genre: BL


Younghwa-Ji whose piano was everything in her life, faces an unexpected obstacle.
When he had to go to the music room, He suddenly change his mind and headed to the gym. In there,
He encountered a cute dog, Chun Yu-soo, who made him feel the desire to keep petting.

Was there a relationship in the past life? The two who continue to be attracted to each other.
But nothing can be solved so easily.

Unfortunately, There was no gender distinction in their world.

When high school seniors have to fulfill their fate, the story of the two facing another barrier in addition to the entrance exam unfolds quietly and fiercely in front of the finish line of minors.

Just like any high school student’s life, the story of still young children who solve problems step by step with their own circumstances, quiet, calm, and energetic even in their normal daily lives.

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